Custom Work

Do you have a particular space in your home or office that you’d like filled by custom artwork? The images here are examples of one-of-a-kind artwork created with the client’s specifics as a guide.

Working with brushed stainless, copper, powder-coated or antiqued steel, Corten steel, as well as aluminum, I can create custom metal art that can hang on your wall or garden space or even be free-standing.


To begin a custom piece, we decide on a design, material and delivery date. I then take a deposit of 30%. The balance is due upon shipping or delivery of the work.  Should I fail to finish the piece and deliver it on the agreed date, I will refund the deposit.  Once the piece is received, the client has 12 days to return the item if it does not live up to the criteria agreed upon between client and artist.  There are no refunds for logo and business signage.


Please send an email to with all of your contact information as well as the specific details of your idea, including color palettes, sketches and/or nature references. Be as specific as you can to help illuminate your idea and increase the possibility of making it come to life. Thank you!